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10W Square LED Side Panel Lights

10W Square LED Side Panel Lights

●Feature:Side lighting ●LED Chip:San An ●Light Source:SMD2835 ●Rated Wattage:10W ●Light Color:Cool White ●Shape:Square ●Installation Method:Pendant Installation ●Dimension:300mm x 300mm

LED Panel Light 300x300mm,600*600mm 10W 50xSMD2835 Cool White Pendant Installation-Silver(AC100-240V)

●Feature:Side lighting
●LED Chip:San An
●Light Source:SMD2835
●LED Qty:50
●Rated Wattage:10W
●Power Factor:0.5
●Input Voltage:AC100-240V
●Input Frequency:50/60Hz
●Light Color:Cool White
●Color Temperature:6000-6500K
●Luminous Flux:750lm
●Beam Angle:140 Degree
●Body Color:Silver
●Material:Aluminum Alloy,PS
●Mounting Hole:L290mm x W290mm
●Installation Method:Pendant Installation
●Dimension:300mm x 300mm
●Product Size:L295mm x W295mm x H9mm
●Operating Temperature:-40℃-60℃
●Storage Temperature:-40℃-35℃
●Warranty:2 Years

Packaging List:
1 x LED Panel Light,1 x Power,1 x Pendant Wire Package

Read More:
LED light panel will bring better quality lighting and at the same time reduce energy consumption. LEDs are the latest in lighting technology and represent a substantial leap in long term, durable, efficient lighting. At their core LEDs function completely different from incandescent and fluorescent lighting. It's semiconductor construction makes it very robust against damage. No fragile glass or filaments to break or burn out and no toxic chemicals to contaminate your space. Lightweight and ultra-thin, LED panels offer many advantages over traditional lighting.

Application Image:
1.Suitable for hotel, dining-room,meeting room, drawing room,showroom, shop,corridor, telephone booth,studio and exhibition etc. as partial lighting.
2.Entertainment Lighting, Architectural Lighting, City Beautification, Partial Lighting, Decorative illumination at home and public areas

1. This series of products use side lighting technology and LED light source. It can save 50% of energy with high brightness and light uniformity
2. Wide input voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz, using the latest high efficiency constant current driver
3. Start fast, no flicker, no noise
4. The use of professional circuit design, each lamp bead work independently, to avoid affecting the overall effect because of a single lamp beads break down.
5. Anti-electromagnetic interference, no mercury unleaded, green, in line with the requirements of CE and RoHS certification.
6. The normal lifetime would be at least 30000 hours.
7. Bright light completely flat output, wider light angle.
8. Free from radio interference, it will not pollute the environment.
9. Noble Cool White light, with 6000K-6500K color temperature.
10. Ultra-thin and common size 300mm x 300mm.

Installation Method/Usage:

Pendant Installation, Installation diagram above is only for reference, practical installation in kind prevail.

1. The product is only suitable for indoor use
2. Before use, make sure that the product has not been damaged in transit
3. Packaging materials must be away from children to prevent children playing and then cause suffocation! Keep small parts of the product away from children to stop resulting in children swallowed
4. Let the children away from the product, and do not let children touch live equipment
5. Avoid staring the LED emitting surface for a long time.
6. Don't cover any items on the product; the product must stay away from fire or high temperature object
7. Non-professionals may not disassemble or repair the lamp. We have the right not to provide replacement or warranty service for the ones who dismantle or repair the product personally.
8. Before cleaning the lamp, be sure to turn off the power, please clean with a dry cloth. Do not use chemical or corrosive things to clean the product.
9. In order to better use this panel light, please tear off the protective films on the back of the lamp after installation.
10. All pictures above for reference only, please in kind prevail. Be reminded due to technology, display, lighting effect, or environmental reasons, the website’s pictures might be slightly different from the actual items.
11. Please check the specifications of the product carefully before ordering to insure a proper fit.

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