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Resistance To LED Home Lighting
Zhongshan Heqian Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2015

1. wide viewing angle

Outflow LED bulbs currently on the market, for example, there are generally lamp bead is on public modes, the manufacturing process is led into aluminum sheet, its led is perpendicular to the ground and covered with plastic shell while improving on perspective LED beam angle are actually the angle is 180 degrees. So the end users in the use of their traditional lamps still have a very wide of the mark.

2. cooling

Actually for domestic power thermal part basic level quite, because LED power technology content less is nothing more than is Exchange to DC, boost to buck, again of added several certification security circuit, for LED thermal problem for its main reasons is lamp beads above, currently market Shang 95% Shang to of enterprise in lamp beads Shang are used public die lamp beads (3528,3014), itself lamp beads power big, coupled with lamp beads package silicone and phosphor Hou, its heat on will a in single star lamp beads inside, led to thermal cannot bulk out.

3. light failure problem

As a result of the above, such as cooling, high pressure lamps, SMD led, especially cooling block directly affect lamp Pearly failure. Latest United States energy star lamps have to use 25,000 hours after light failure can only be 5%, have a professional test instruments. LM80 depends on corporate investment. Direct dark if a product with a 3 months off is also not responsible for the user.

4. products

Special market launched high pressure lamp, high pressure bulb, high pressure power like of lamp, although in price Shang cheap has, are its against quite big of, because since is high pressure, on must exists dew electric of phenomenon, and this class lamps itself in mains of impact Xia are a frequency problem, so power conversion into light Hou, on appeared has interference directly effect other household appliances of using, as phone signal, TV,. Led under high impact was reducing the service life of the bulb. And such cases trigger safety.

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