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LED Tube Lamp Market Analysis
Zhongshan Heqian Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2015

With LED home market hot, LED tube light, LED ceiling lamp, LED bulb light, T5, T8, LED lamps, LED lighting, such as consumer products, in the field of LED downlights, market prospects are good, but no big brands appear LED downlight.

We look at the LED down light market, LED downlight market currently is divided into two blocks, a large circulation, LED lights as some large manufacturers of major model, also has a small circulation of, small circulation need to make the product features, technical reserves, and operation mode of fixed, stronger businesses. LED down light industry at this stage in the confusion stage, first, price comparison, LED tube light prices depending on the chip, the power supply of the different prices ranging from 10-50 Yuan, is quality problem, LED downlight competition is mainly focused on the chip and product quality, and if the quality problems, it loses its market competitiveness. Other LED lighting manufacturers in order to capture the market, breakthroughs in functionality, LED tube lights increase thin type, remote dimmer, remote control color and remote switch function as traditional tube lights do not have features.

LED downlight led the current general use 7070, 5050, 5730, SMD led, like Crown this photoelectric LED lamp manufacturer adopts 5730 Lamp beads, 5730 stability led technology maturity, high brightness, light, soft, low heat, in full compliance with comprehensive light LED downlight, truly a dark zone. Chassis this photoelectric LED lighting is using lightweight die-cast aluminum alloy, acrylic shell, the lamp is light, thin, large.

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