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LED Market-cost Decision Success Or Failure
Zhongshan Heqian Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2015

Current LED changes in the cost of sales and disproportionate impact, suffered a major blow in the LED market, which is LED a test of. Therefore, the study of how to reduce the cost of LED has not stopped. LED lighting has been recognized as a 21st century "green lighting", with long life, high energy, surprises many, Lee Green, and many other features, LED general lighting and market potential of the industry.

In the making of LED, while the Sapphire substrate from SI and GAN two substrate pressure, but due to its high cost and rate of Sapphire substrate edge still in nearly two years, and speculated that the development direction of Sapphire substrate is large with patterned (PSS). Considering the cost and the electricity and now many manufacturers try to use non-Sapphire substrate technology to manufacture LED, solid state lighting such as TSMC and United States Bridgelux and Japan Toshiba combo. In recent years, some developed countries in the development of LED is also engaged in a fierce competition.

Top LED manufacturers market shares totals 31%, thousands of manufacturers around the world are eating the other 70%. Starting from 2012, LED commercial lighting suppliers continues to increase, resulting in the price has dropped significantly, at the same time as stores, office buildings, warehouses and hotels of the area and the growth in the number of extended LED commercial lighting market. Visible LED general lighting market prospects for the future.

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