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LED Light Is Not On, The Better
Zhongshan Heqian Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2015

Due to the LED lamp quality certification marks or not, experts recommend try to choose the brand-name products. Big brands for brand effectiveness, will not harm the brand image for small gains.

Generally only when users buy a lamp brightness, industry experts say, LED light is not on, the better. "The color temperature of the light will be identified, the higher the color temperature, higher luminous efficiency, looks brighter. In fact, low color temperature looks more comfortable, cost is also higher. "The industry explains that the color temperature of sunlight in the morning and evening 3000K~3500K, soft, and rose to 4000K~4500K at noon, and color temperature of incandescent and fluorescent lamps in about 6200K.

General Household LED lamps for 3~7 tile, domestic light sources (LED only particles) price 2~3/w, 4-watt bulb price of 20~50 Yuan, if less than 20 Yuan, the quality problems. And follow-up maintenance LED lights problem, it is clear that brands are more reliable.

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