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LED Ceiling Lights Will Usher In Spring
Zhongshan Heqian Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2015

Two years ago, LED bulb, LED fluorescent lamps have been popular in home lighting market today, LED ceiling lamp sales began to soar, there is a huge market potential, many LED lights manufacturers launch various LED ceiling lamp, it signifies that LED ceiling lamps, spring is coming.

LED ceiling lamps for home lighting products and can be used as main light in the living room, can also be used as bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms and other places lighting, with simple d├ęcor and, therefore, become the first choice for consumers, demand is huge. Then, LED ceiling lamp in technically mature? This optical view, except there are strobe problems, LED ceiling lamp technology has been very mature, compared with the LED down light, LED spot light, LED ceiling lamp's internal structure is relatively simple, is mainly composed of a base, circuit boards, radiator, LED light, shade, and high cost performance, style and more. But because more home lighting lighting products in the market at present, involves a lot of specifications, so it is difficult to mass production, therefore, LED lighting manufacturers to gain a foothold in the ceiling market will not be easy.

Then the LED light manufacturer in the ceiling lamp made in the market advantage? First, in terms of lighting accessories, light heat to form a modular, and second to standardize products and achieve the goal of mass production. In addition, the on LED manufacturers LED ceiling lamp programme continues to be optimized, design innovation, intelligent control function, then the future will occupy a bigger share of the market.

At present, many LED light suppliers involved in the LED lighting market, like NVC, op art, such as Philips, this optical, are involved in this field, with some of the market share.

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