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LED Ceiling Light Entering The Mature Stage Custom-chip Trend
Zhongshan Heqian Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2015

According to the latest data, said United States LED bulbs retail decline has dropped to $ 8, but the price is still $ 5 energy-saving fluorescent lamps, contrast it is unlikely to spread, consumers are more likely to choose more energy-efficient LED lights, is expected by the year 2015, LEDLED ceiling will go into the mainstream market.

And LED days Lantern has became has all of semiconductor manufacturers are cannot ignored of a big market, but due to past of funds and design capacity of lack, to restricted has local chip design company into to has addition a custom of of chip market, and this environment on directly led to has standardization products market of competition exception of fierce, gross margin also in constantly declined; but for specific application of custom chip, relative for profit will high out many. Data showed that in simulated market in 2011 90% above is a custom chip market. Therefore, chip music all over the world started to develop custom chip for a specific application.

Address the special needs of market LED ceiling light, needs chip makers can have a more long-term development planning and strong design capability, through the ability to continuously improve our service and client, better help customers solve problems, and to provide customers with better products.

In short, LEDLED ceiling market matures, customization of semiconductor chips will be LED ceiling light products are widely used to provide a more solid technical support, also indirectly promotes the overall development of China's LED industry chain and perfect.

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