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LED Ball Bulbs LED Bulb Blisters Can Be Environmentally Friendly
Zhongshan Heqian Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 10, 2017

LED Ball Bulbs LED bulb bulb is a product research and development, production design, and sales service in an integrated security monitoring and lighting equipment manufacturing company. Was founded in 2003, is a joint-stock company operated enterprises, LED ball steep light company is the earliest main production LED lens and light bead chip packaging, mainly gives some companies do OEM OEM route, and for many the camera manufacturers make matching products, the company's peace fill light equipment in many cities, intelligent transportation, and other fields have a lot of successful cases, as in recent years, the rapid development of security industry, in order to meet the market demand, the company set up the security monitoring of lighting equipment brand, LED bulb light.

LED Ball Bulbs Company LED monitor lighting products: LED light, LED strobe as the fill light + flashing lights, intelligent gas flash lamp, LED infrared light, highlighting and LED tunnel light and LED project-light lamp series, etc. The products are mainly used in road monitoring, ping an city, intelligent traffic, public security monitoring, entrance license plate recognition and so on. District road lighting, sports facilities lighting, outdoor advertising lighting, etc. LED bulb light

Our company can also manufacture and manufacture our products according to different requirements of our customers.

LED Ball Bulbs Company production and development of LED lighting lamps, LED lighting, tunnel lamp, project-light lamp has a long service life, such as fog strong penetrating power, green environmental protection and other significant advantages, with ordinary incandescent lamp energy saving 75% - more than 90%. The average life of ordinary lamps and lanterns is 12,000 hours, the cost of change is very high, the place that does not facilitate construction, bring a lot of inconvenience. The average life expectancy of LED lamps is more than 50, 000 hours, 10 hours a day, over 10 years. LED lights waterproof, impact resistance and shock are good, and the product quality is stable, in the warranty period free maintenance products, is currently widely used in roads, village road lighting, outdoor advertising lighting, sports facilities, lighting, urban construction and other fields. Leds do not contain harmful metal elements, and waste recycling, no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, no radiation, glare small, won't produce light pollution, compared with common lamps and lanterns, belong to the real green lighting light source. In addition, the related accessories of LED lamps and lanterns can be recycled. And because of the low energy consumption. Make it a real energy efficient, green and green new product.

LED Ball Bulbs The company relies on product research and development, professional design, exquisite production technology, excellent product quality, fair prices, favored by the majority of users trust and praise. Companies adhere to market-oriented, "to the quality strives for the survival, to management for efficiency, credibility and development" business purposes, using the international advanced management mode and high quality after-sales service, to create their own market.

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