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Buy LED Bulbs Need To Pay Attention To What Matters?
Zhongshan Heqian Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2015

LED lamp home furnishings market matures, sales of LED bulbs are growing, but some LED lamp manufacturers of LED bulbs is shoddy, unreliable quality, therefore, consumers in the purchase of should be eyes, buy a good product, below, Foshan Crown this photovoltaic technology limited to provide some purchase LED bulb light standards.

1, LED bulb light security: security should be put in the first place, LED bulb light shell of ceramic, plastic, aluminium etc, in General, aluminum thermal performance is much better than plastic but aluminum is metal, easy conducting, a security risk and, therefore, at the time of purchase to check whether there is a conductive.

2, the service life is: due to the LED lighting market competition, some LED light manufacturer in order to save costs, not using compliant materials, thermal design and design of driving circuit is not in place or so LED bulbs life expectancy up to standard, service life of LED lamp generally has a reasonable restrictions, such as the L70>25000 hour.

3, light requirements: some LED light suppliers in order to improve the flux, and reduced color rendering, which makes the presentation level is low, impact of Visual effects and, therefore, light color and color requirements, such as at home or in commercial lighting LED bulb light color requirements for RA>80.

So, when consumers buy LED bulbs, should pay attention to the above points, in fact, not just for the LED bulb light, LED ceiling lamp, LED down light, LED ceiling light, also apply.

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