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Analysis Of 6 Big Advantage Of LED Downlights
Zhongshan Heqian Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2015

So-called LED lighting is a lighting now very red, so what is LED lighting? so-called LED meaning of LEDs, its English name called Light Emitting Diode, is a solid-state semiconductor device of electric energy translated into visible light, it also can convert electrical energy into light energy. This makes it very energy efficient. Therefore, it is very popular in the market. Below us, the advantages of LED downlights:

1. the efficiency of LED downlights can reach 80lm/W, and you can choose a variety of color temperatures, high color rendering index, color good.

2. LED lamp uses a PWM (pulse width modulation) constant-current technique, low heat, high efficiency, constant flow of high precision.

3. the LED down light work under low voltage, safe and reliable.

4. the LED down light environment is very strong, the market potential is large: low-voltage, battery, DC-powered, solar-powered, therefore especially suitable for remote mountainous areas and field lighting.

5. LED lamp can reduce line losses, for grid and no pollution, is 0.9 power factor, harmonic distortion 20%,EMI fully in line with global targets, thereby reducing the power loss of the power supply line, but also to avoid pollution network of high frequency interference.

6. the LED down light plane is a cluster package and heat sink as well as lampholders integration design, and that it would fully protect LED cooling requirements and their life, but also to meet the structure and the design in the shape of LED lamps.

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