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2015 LED Lamp Industry
Zhongshan Heqian Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2015

LED lamp industry in China after has more than 10 years of fast development, in proved a things, industry shuffle, first wash small of, again wash big of, left to of are is has competitiveness of enterprise, but has competitiveness of LED lamp manufacturers, and does not necessarily is most has value of LED enterprise, products reflected in value Shang, value reflected in user experience Shang, this is everyone admitted of truth, but due to LED lamp products near two years to market of chaos, price low, profit low thin, customer of experience no get is good of guarantees and sale Hou, It directly depends on the low-end LED lamp manufacturer prices.

Many SMEs LED lamp, book inventory of funds, payments, employee benefits, bank loans, life was tight and more concerned about arrears customers suddenly disappeared, a year of painstaking all boondoggle. Japan a scientist with blue LED lights a Nobel Prize, 1.5 billion people will benefit from LED lights, fierce market competition, many LED lights factory will become the cannon fodder. Blind investment in impulse is the devil.

To the end of the year, towards the end of 2014, believes this year's LED lighting manufacturers have deep feeling, a year of hard head, away from too much, and by this time instead of felt in his pockets, how to harvest this year, estimates that many practitioners LED lights will frown, and LED lights at the end of accounts receivable will be troubled by lighting manufacturers.

Come 2015 LED lamp industry, I believe, LED lamp industry stars, many practitioners, but during the process of baptism, to endure patience, sense of responsibility, take quality first, wanted to do something, must be calm.

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