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Proper use of LED lamps

Zhongshan Heqian Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2015

Here to introduce the right LED use, LED light manufacturer, can be used as a reference. First thing to understand is the LED pins forming method.

Cleaning and LED overcurrent protection is the key to proper use of the LED.

When the chemicals used must be especially careful when cleaning gel, because some of the chemicals on the colloid surface damage and cause discoloration such as trichloroethylene, acetone, etc. Available ethanol, dipping time of no more than 3 minutes at room temperature.

Overcurrent protection to be for LED protection resistance in series to make it stable, therefore, LED to take correct over-current protection is necessary and important.

More than just introduce some conventional methods for the correct use of LED, more correct use LED category is still not mentioned, such as the correct welding methods.

1 colloidal 2 mm, required to bend bracket.

2, frame forming must be done with clamps or by professionals.

3, frame forming must be completed prior to welding.

4, angioplasty needs to pin and spacing consistent with the circuit board.

LED pins forming an idea, we can find some use LED, problems at the time of packaging.

Design needs to be bent legs and feet cut, bent legs and cut the LED feet, bending and cutting positions from the underside of the colloid is greater than 3mm.

Bending should be carried out prior to welding. When using a LED lamp, PCB plate hole spacing corresponds to LED pitch. Cutting when cutting machine produces high voltage electrostatic vibration friction, therefore reliable earthing of the machine, do the anti-static work (ion fan blowing to eliminate static electricity).

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