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LED lamp cooling techniques

Zhongshan Heqian Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2015

At present, thermal issues in two parts: 1. electronic and LED light sources, electronic cooling depends on some of the major components of the quality and the size of the load of the power, LED lamp power small electronic cooling of this domestic situation is much the same. LED light source cooling improvements:

1. public die lamp beads (is professional production LED package enterprise production) as 3014 like of lamp beads of making process for, will chip into module, coated Shang phosphor then again scored silicone, itself LED chip are power of, produced heat on high, and coupled with thermal main by chip two angle of gold line or copper, this two species material is very small of, and thermal itself bad, so thermal fundamental cannot bulk out.

2. when the LED chip with an integrated package, (chips power more smaller) best served by a more than decent package. Namely MCOB package. Because the chips power more smaller, generates less heat, proportional to. If the production process using MCOB polyhedron packaging technologies, low-power chips into the module, chip modules within certain distance intervals, gold connections between chips, each outside except for the chip module does not light while the remaining five are glowing, called MCOB, polyhedral integrated package. Chips are the distances between the gold wire connection, increase heat and MCOB package directly into the silicone. Different color temperature fluorescent powder on top of a plastic sleeve (fluorescent hood), change the lighting color, plastic pouches and wafers have the processing that increases cooling capacity.

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