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LED energy-saving lamp design concept and advantages

Zhongshan Heqian Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2015

LED energy-saving lamp industries now have their applications, this type of lamp is environmentally friendly, has a very good future. LED energy-saving lamp and it broke the traditional lamp designs, has a distinct advantage in design!

1, scene lighting: is designed with environmental needs lighting. Scene lighting takes place as a starting point, aiming to create a beautiful, brilliant light, to heighten the effect, enables people to feel the atmosphere of the scene.

2, ambience lighting: a person needs to design lamps. Mood lighting is based on people's emotions as the starting point, from the perspective of people to create a kind of mood light. Mood lighting includes four aspects: first, environmental protection and energy saving, and the other is health, three are intelligent, four are humane.

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