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33W IP50 Recessed Ceiling LED Downlight

33W IP50 Recessed Ceiling LED Downlight

Name: LED Recessed Ceiling Panel Down Light Lamp Input power: 6W/9W/12W/18W/24W/33W Color: Warm white (2700-3200K); Cool white (5700K-6300K) Protection Degree: IP50



Name: LED Recessed Ceiling Panel Down Light Lamp

Input voltage: AC 85-265V

Input power: 6W/9W/12W/18W/24W/33W

Beam Angel: 120 degree

Color: Warm white (2700-3200K); Cool white (5700K-6300K)

Frequency: 50/60Hz

LED Lifespan: > 50,000 hours

Working temperature: -25C-65C

Protection Degree: IP50

Warranty: 3 year

Certification : CE and RoHS

Size : 

6W Square : 100*100*30mm

6W Round : 94*30mm

9W Round : 119*30 mm

12W Square : 150*150*30mm

12W Round : 144*30mm

18W Square : 180*180*30mm

18W Round : 188*30mm

24W Square : 216*216*30mm

33W Round : 240*30mm

Hole Size : 

6W Square :85~90mm*85~90mm

6W Round : 80~85mm

9W Round : 107~110mm

12W Square : 130~140mm*130~140mm

12W Round : 120~130 mm

18W Square : 155~165*155~165 mm

18W Round : 162~175 mm

24W Square : 190~205mm*190~205mm

33W Round : 210~225 mm

Light source : 

6W : 40pcs SMD3014 leds

9W : 60pcs SMD3014 leds

12W : 80pcs SMD3014 leds

18W : 120pcs SMD3014 leds

24W : 160pcs SMD3014 leds

33W : 220pcs SMD3014 leds

Luminous Flux: 

6W : 250~280 lm

9W: 390~430 lm

12W : 520~580 lm

18W : 900~ 1000 lm

24W : 1200~1300 lm

33W : 1700~1800 lm


6W : 180g

9W : 210g

12W : 380g

18W : 460g

24W: 720g

33W: 740g


1) Relialbe quality light source:Epistar chips(Better in LED market). 

2) Superior aluminum alloy: harder texture, lighter weight, and best heat dispersion. 

3) Energy efficient: Saves up to 90% energy than traditional halogen lamp. 

4) High brightness: Brightness degradation is less than 1‰ per 1,000 hours. 

5) Long lifespan:50000 hours. 

6) 90% saving on the electricity bills,and great reducing maintenance cost. 

7) Instant start, no flashing. 

8) Green Technology,safe and environment friendly. No UV/IR Radiation, and no heat radiation .

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